3 Rabbits waiting for adoption at Pets Central North Point

Pets Central North Point has three lovely rabbits namely Kenny, Mitzl and Pebbles waiting for a new home.

For more details, please contact our North Point Hospital at 2811 8907. We hope they can find a new home soon!

Kenny is a rabbit, Male (Neutered), White and Brown, 3 Years old.

Mitzl is a rabbit, Female (Spayed), Brown, 1 Years and 7 months old.

Pebbles is a rabbit, Female (Spayed), White and Brown,2 Years and 2 months old.



Pets Central 北角岩岩黎左3隻兔兔等候領養,佢地分別名叫做Kenny, Mitzl同Pebbles。

想了解多啲佢地既話,歡迎大家隨時致電我們北角醫院,(電話: 2811 8907)。希望佢地都可以得到大家既關注啦!!

Kenny 係一隻兔兔, 雄性(己絕育), 啡白色, 現時大約3歲大。

Mitzl係一隻兔兔, 雌性(己絕育), 啡色,現時大約1歲7個月大。

Pebbles 係一隻兔兔,雌性(己絕育),啡白色,現時大約2歲2個月大。


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