Is it okay to cut my pets claws by myself?

Ask the Vet: “Is it okay to cut my pets claws by myself?

Q&A with Dr Pauline Taylor, BVM&S MACVSc


There is no reason that you cannot, but only if the claws/nails actually need to be clipped and you are confident to do the job yourself.  Some claws may never need a clip. You should familiarize yourself what to do in advance and get the correct nail clippers for the pet involved e.g. I use different types depending on a pet’s size, species and breed. Many animals are sensitive about having their claws/nails cut or even toes touched so it’s a good idea to start handling claws/nails when they are young. Low stress handling of your pet at claw/nail clippings and positively sensitizing them to clipper sounds is essential.

沒有你不能的理由,但你要有信心自己能夾住爪子或指甲,去完成這項工作。有些爪子可能永遠不需要夾子。你應該事先熟悉自己該做什麼,並為寵物提供正確的指甲鉗,例如: 我會根據寵物的大小、種類和品種使用不同類型的工具。許多動物都很敏感的爪子或指甲被剪掉甚至是腳趾被觸摸,因此應在年輕時開始處理爪子或指甲,降低寵物的壓力以及使他們對剪刀聲音敏感是至關重要的。

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