Is it better to feed my cat dry food or wet food?

Ask the Vet: Is it better to feed my cat dry food or wet food?

Q&A with Dr Pauline Taylor, BVM&S MACVSc

DR. PAULINE SAYS: I get asked this all the time. I feed my own cats dry and wet food in separate dishes at least twice a day. What you feed often boils down to a few basic things like your own schedule and time, your cat’s food texture preference, its food allergies, age and lifestyle, medical conditions e.g. obesity, diabetes (most vets would recommend a special diet), your own reading on cat diets and costs. At the end of the day the most important thing is to always feed a good balanced diet that works for your cat, its lifestyle and your own.

這個問題我總是常常被問到的。我每天至少兩次分別地給我的貓貓餵食乾糧和濕糧的食物。 你餵什麼通常要符合基本的生活習慣,比如你自己的日程和時間,你的貓對食物質地的偏好、有沒有食物過敏、年齡、生活方式、醫療情況如肥胖或糖尿病(大多數獸醫會建議特殊飲食)、貓糧的費用等。 最重要的是,提供適合的給貓貓,能照顧到其生活方式和保持良好均衡的飲食。

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