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A Perfect Dwelling For Owners and Pets

人人都希望屋企住得舒舒服服,喵星人同汪星人當然都唔例外!🐱🐶 點先可以善用有限空間,同時滿足人同寵物嘅需要? 無論你係準備飼養寵物,定係咁啱想翻新屋企,都可以參考以下三個小貼士,令佢地住得開心又安全!💖
1️⃣ 靈活運用空間👍
• 唔想浪費空間放貓抓板,可以購買貓抓墊,包住枱腳同櫈腳
• 係唔同高度安裝有地毯物料嘅層板,吸引貓貓跳上跳落,既可防滑,又可增加運動量
2️⃣ 獨特家居設計🌟
• 購買睡床、梳化或茶几等傢俬時,預留底部空間,等寵物休息時亦可陪伴主人
• 避免使用實木地板、皮製梳化同牆紙,容易比鍾意磨爪、尿尿、啃咬的毛孩破壞
3️⃣ 保障寵物安全 🤗
• 採用凹凸紋路的地磚,以防光滑磁磚會增加狗狗滑倒受傷的風險
• 加裝窗網,防止寵物跳出窗外而發生危險

Everyone loves to have a cozy, comfortable home – and our pets are no exception! 🐱🐶 How do you transform your home into somewhere comfy for both you and your pets? For any pet-owners or pet owners to-be, here are three ideas to help you take care of your fluffy friends in the best way. 💖
1️⃣ Use vertical and horizontal space wisely 👍
• Wrap table or chair legs with scratching pads instead of buying a scratcher
• Install shelves with carpet materials at various heights, creating an anti-slip, stair-like pathway to stimulate your cats’ activities
2️⃣ Select furniture with smart design🌟
• When purchasing furniture (e.g. bed, sofa, side table), leave some space underneath for your pet(s) to stay close to you while resting
• Avoid solid wood flooring, leather sofas and wallpapers – they wear out easily with pets scratching, peeing and biting
3️⃣ Ensure your pet’s safety🤗
• Use tiles with uneven surface to lower the chance of injury as your dog runs
• Install window nets for safety to prevent any accidents from pets getting out

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