Play with Your Pet from Absolutely Anywhere!


A lot of us hate leaving our pets home because we fear they will become lonely or bored.  Boredom is not only unhealthy, but can also cause your pet to become mischievous, like destroying your couch or things in your closet.

PlayDate aims to solve this issue.  It enables pet parents everywhere to play with their pets from anywhere.  Owners can control the ball from their smartphone app or from the website.   A camera mounted inside the ball shows the pet as well as the environment around them as you play with them.  The concept of PlayDate was founded on the belief that human-pet interaction could be improved using technology.

How It Works

Pet owners can control their PlayDate smart ball in the same way you might control a character in a smartphone game. There is a navigation controller on the left. On the right, there are buttons that trigger actions like playing a “squeak” or taking a picture/recording video. Similar to a hamster ball, the PlayDate smart ball rolls around wherever the pet owner directs it. A stabilized camera inside lets the owner see all the action in smooth, real-time HD. And, a clear, replaceable outer shell protects the inner workings but allows the camera to see out clearly.

There are prototypes in 4 inches in diameter and they’ve been testing that with both dogs and cats.  There also is a 3 inch version in development for smaller cats and dogs.

Key Features

  • Replaceable outer shell – durability and safety are super important for us. That’s why we’ve made the outer shell out of thick shatterproof polycarbonate. And over time folks can replace just the outer shell, extending the lifespan of the toy, which is unheard of when it comes to pet toys.
  • Virtual squeaker – plays a squeak sound when the “squeak” button is pressed
  • Microphone – Users can hear their pets through a microphone in the ball
  • Speaker – Users can talk to their pets through a speaker in the ball
  • Save Photos – A button allows users to snap photos while playing with their pet
  • Record Video – Users can record video of their pet playing with the PlayDate smart ball
  • Works on carpet!

Dog image:ásMihály