Remember Petey, the playful puppy? He’s playing hide-and-seek in Pet Planet! Help Casey find him. Zoom in and explore to find Petey waving at you! When you spot him, follow the steps below for a chance to win special freebies! Remember, don’t post the answer publicly so everyone can get a chance to play!

Clue: Petey is waving!

Submission Period: Send your entries from 1 Aug 2018 to 15 Aug 2018 (Hong Kong standard time) .

1. When you find Petey, just comment below, “I found Petey the Pup!”
2. Include hashtags #PCParentsClub, #PetsCentral and #PetPlanet.
3. Tag 3 friends.
4. Take a screen capture of Petey and send to our inbox!

Result announcement
The results will be announced on 18th Aug 2018. Winners will be notified for the detailed prize redemption procedures.

【小狗比蒂在哪兒?Where’s Petey?】

還記得可愛的小狗比蒂嗎?牠在Pet Planet玩捉迷藏呢,你可以幫嘉茜找找比蒂嗎?記得不要公開答案,讓大家一起動動眼球喔!幸運兒有機會獲得豐富獎品呢!


2018年8月1日 至 2018年8月15日(香港時間)。

1. 找到就在下面留言「我找到比蒂了!」
2. 標記 #PCParentsClub#PetsCentral 和 #PetPlanet
3. Tag三位朋友
4. 把截圖inbox我們

公佈結果 結果將於2018年8月18日公佈,並由專人通知領獎安排。