Dr. Pauline Taylor’s soft-spoken demeanour contrasts with a bold and inexhaustible passion for the welfare of animals.

Her experience in caring for animals spans more than 30 years, in various countries including United Kingdom, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

She began her practice in Scotland after graduating from Edinburgh University, working with farm animals (including horses) before moving to New Zealand in 1985 where she established her own clinic to serve a wide range of farm and pet species.

Today, she continuous her interest in the advancement of veterinary medicine including animal welfare while studying behaviour medicine and continues to grow her network for the advancement of pet care.




戴寶蓮醫生 對於動物非常細心及對於動物福利有濃厚熱情。






Dr. Pauline Taylor
BVM&S MACVSc(Small Animal Medicine)

2 Comments on “Dr. Pauline Taylor”

  1. Tony, Wai Tsui Wong

    Hello Dr Pauline Taylor,

    My name is Tony, I am one of your student from your yesterday night class in Causeway Bay. I would like to ask you if there are any available opportunities that would be suitable for me to volunteer as a veterinary assisstant. Please reply back as soon as possible. Thank you so much.

    My phone number is 6482 2523.

    I look forward hearing from you again.

  2. Mr. Miko HS Wen

    Dear Dr. Taylor

    This is EARNING, we are from Taiwan and serve advanced medical device and system of veterinary oncology.

    We are pleased to present the promotion of THERMOABLATION Model is available in Hong Kong. Currently, there are two animal hospitals installed the system and successfully performed serval treatments, included difficult cases of oral sarcoma without mandibulectomy or bone resection. More than 200 treatments were performed in our collaborating animal hospitals in HK, Shanghai, Beijing and Taiwan. Last visit we made a quick presentation to Dr. Verkest on thermoablation and developing chemoablation, a novel chemo-drug vehicle to apply chemotherapy locally within the tumor.

    I am in HK this Saturday (23), is there any opportunity to formally visit you to make a brief introduction to thermoablation and ongoing development of chemoablation.


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