Dr David Coyle is Pets Central’s Consultant in Internal Medicine, meaning his work is almost exclusively referral and second opinion involving dealing with seriously or chronically ill cats and dogs, and investigating unusual symptoms and diseases.

He graduated with honours from Queensland, Australia, in 1993, and attained Membership in the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists in the field of Cat and Dog Medicine in 1998, before moving to Hong Kong in 2000. He has lectured for over a decade on internal medicine topics in Hong Kong and China, and mentored undergraduate and postgraduate veterinary students.

Dr. Dave is particularly trained in consulting with pets who suffer from diseases of the heart and lungs, liver and gallbladder, kidneys and urinary tract, gastrointestinal system and pancreas, adrenals and other glands, spleen, blood system and skin. He performs over 500 abdominal and 200 heart ultrasounds each year, and routinely performs minimally invasive ultrasound diagnostic procedures, saving hundreds of pets each year from diagnostic surgical procedures.

Apart from the extreme challenges of pure medicine, two other fields that he has been very passionate about for a long time are advancing pain relief in veterinary patients, and reducing the amount of unnecessary vaccinations that pets undergo routinely.

He speaks moderate Cantonese and enjoys rugby, cricket and football.

高大衛 醫生




Dr. David是Pets Central動物醫院的內科顧問醫生,他的病人主要是經其他診所轉价或主人徵求第二意見,當中包括有嚴重或不尋常病徵及長期病患的貓狗。Dr. David在1993年以優異的成績畢業於澳洲昆士蘭大學。在1998 年,獲澳洲獸醫學院頒發貓犬內科院士的資格。Dr. David常於香港及中國講授動物內科知識,經驗超過十年,並不時指導獸醫學生。2000年,Dr. David由澳洲移居香港。Dr. David專治心肺科,內分泌科,皮膚科及內科 (包括肝膽,腎臟,泌尿系統,腸胃系統,胰臟,腎上腺,脾臟及血液系統) 等有關的疾病。他每年為病人進行超過500次腹部超聲波和超過200次心臟超聲波的檢查。他每年亦幫助無數寵物進行微創超聲波診斷程序,以避免單倚靠外科手術以作為診斷的唯一方法。

Dr. David樂於迎接醫學上不同的挑戰,並積極促進為動物紓解痛楚的方法,​​及減少寵物不必要的預防接種。
Dr. David的粵語水平不俗,對欖球、板球和足球等運動感興趣。


Dr. David Coyle
BVSc (Hons) MACVSc (Cat & Dog Medicine)
Director of Veterinary Medicine